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Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE) (Authorized self-study guide) Download ebook DJV, RTF, AZW3, PDF

Author: Kevin Wallace
Publisher: Norwood Mass. :, [2005?]
Genre: Electronic books, Study guides
Notes: 1 online resource
Responsibility: Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE) (Authorized self-study guide)
Other titles: ITPro.
Authorized self-study guide
Edition: eBook : Document : English : 3rd ed

Chapter 1 Introducing Voice over IP Networks 3 VoIP Fundamentals 3 Cisco Unified Communications Architecture 3 VoIP Overview 4 Components of a VoIP Network 6 VoIP Functions 7 VoIP Signaling Protocols 9 The H.323 Umbrella 9MGCP 11 Session Initiation Protocol 12 Skinny Client Control Protocol 12 Comparing VoIP Signaling Protocols 12 VoIP Service Considerations 15 Media Transmission Protocols 16 Real-Time Transport Protocol 16 RTP Control Protocol 17 Compressed RTP 18 Secure RTP 20Introducing VoIP Gateways 21 Understanding Gateways 21 Modern Gateway Hardware Platforms 24 Well-Known and Widely Used Enterprise Models 27 Standalone Voice Gateways 30 Summary of Voice Gateways 34 IP Telephony Deployment Models 36Summary 50Chapter Review Questions 51 Chapter 2 Considering VoIP Design Elements 55VoIP Fundamentals 55 IP Networking and Audio Clarity 55 Audio Quality Measurement 61 VoIP and QoS 63 Transporting Modulated Data over IP Networks 66 Understanding Fax/Modem Pass-Through, Relay, and Store and Forward 67 Modem Relay 71 Gateway Signaling Protocols and Fax Pass-Through and Relay 74 DTMF Support 82Processing Voice Packets with Codecs and DSPs 84 Codecs 85 Impact of Voice Samples and Packet Size on Bandwidth 87 Data Link Overhead 88 Security and Tunneling Overhead 88 Calculating the Total Bandwidth for a VoIP Call 88 Effects of Voice Activity Detection on Bandwidth 90 DSP 91 Codec Complexity 95 DSP Requirements for Media Resources 98 Configuring Conferencing and Transcoding on Voice Gateways 107 Cisco IOS Configuration Commands for Enhanced Media Resources 114 Verifying Media Resources 119Summary 120Chapter Review Questions 121 Chapter 3 Routing Calls over Analog Voice Ports 125 Introducing Analog Voice Applications on Cisco IOS Routers 125 Local Calls 125 On-Net Calls 126 PLAR Calls 127 PBX-to-PBX Calls 128 Intercluster Trunk Calls 129 Summarizing Examples of Voice Port Applications 131Introducing Analog Voice Ports on Cisco IOS Routers 132 Voice Ports 132 Analog Voice Ports 133 Configuring Analog Voice Ports 144 Trunks 150 Centralized Automated Message Accounting 154 Direct Inward Dial 157 Timers and Timing 159 Verifying Voice Ports 160Introducing Dial Peers 164 Understanding Call Legs 164 Understanding Dial Peers 165 Configuring POTS Dial Peers 167 Configuring VoIP Dial Peers 169 Configuring Destination Pattern Options 172 Matching Inbound Dial Peers 175 Characteristics of the Default Dial Peer 177 Matching Outbound Dial Peers 179Summary 180Chapter Review Questions 181 Chapter 4 Performing Call Signaling over Digital Voice Ports 185 Introducing Digital Voice Ports 185 Digital Trunks 186 T1 CAS 188 E1 R2 CAS 189 ISDN 191 ISDN Signaling 195 Configuring a T1 CAS Trunk 208 Configuring an E1 R2 Trunk 218 Configuring an ISDN Trunk 220 Verifying Digital Voice Ports 225Using QSIG for Digital Signaling 232 QSIG Overview 232 Configuring QSIG Support 236 Verifying QSIG Trunks 239Summary 242Chapter Review Questions 243 Chapter 5 Examining VoIP Gateways and Gateway Control Protocols 247Configuring H.323 247 H.323 Gateway Overview 247 Why H.323 250 H.323 Network Components 253 H.323 Call Establishment and Maintenance 258 H.323 Call Flows 259 H.323 Multipoint Conferences 261 Configuring H.323 Gateways 263 Verifying an H.323 Gateway 274Implementing MGCP Gateways 275 MGCP Overview 275 Why MGCP 276 MGCP Architecture 277 Basic MGCP Concepts 280 MGCP Call Flows 283 Configuring MGCP Gateways 285 Verifying MGCP 290Implementing SIP Gateways 293 SIP Overview 294 Why SIP 296 SIP Architecture 297 SIP Call Flow 299 SIP Addressing 302 SIP DTMF Considerations 304 Configuring SIP 305 Verifying SIP Gateways 309Summary 315Chapter Review Questions 316 Chapter 6 Identifying Dial Plan Characteristics 321Introducing Dial Plans 321 Dial Plan Overview 321 Endpoint Addressing 324 Call Routing and Path Selection 325 Digit Manipulation 325 Calling Privileges 326 Call Coverage 326 Scalable Dial Plans 326 PSTN Dial Plan Requirements 328 ISDN Dial Plan Requirements 330 Configuring PSTN Dial Plans 331 Verifying PSTN Dial Plans 341Numbering Plan Fundamentals 348 Numbering Plan Overview 348 Numbering Plan Categories 349 Scalable Numbering Plans 351 Overlapping Numbering Plans 352 Private and Public Numbering Plan Integration 353 Enhancing and Extending an Existing Plan to Accommodate VoIP 355 911 Services 357 Implementing a Numbering Plan Example 359Summary 361Chapter Review Questions 362 Chapter 7 Configuring Advanced Dial Plans 367Configuring Digit Manipulation 367 Digit Manipulation 367 Digit Collection and Consumption 370 Digit Stripping 371 Digit Forwarding 372 Digit Prefixing 373 Number Expansion 374 Caller ID Number Manipulation 377 Voice Translation Rules and Profiles 380 Voice Translation Profiles Versus the dialplan-pattern Command 390 Configuring Digit Manipulation 393Configuring Path Selection 397 Call Routing and Path Selection 397 Dial Peer Matching 398 Matching Dial Peers in a Hunt Group 404 H.323 Dial-Peer Configuration Best Practices 405 Path Selection Strategies 406 Site-Code Dialing and Toll-Bypass 407 Tail-End Hop-Off (TEHO) 409 Configuring Site-Code Dialing and Toll-Bypass 410 Outbound Site-Code Dialing Example 415 Inbound Site-Code Dialing Example 416 Configuring TEHO 417Implementing Calling Privileges on Cisco IOS Gateways 420 Calling Privileges 420 Understanding COR on Cisco IOS Gateways 421 Understanding COR for SRST and CME 426 Configuring COR for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 427 Configuring COR for SRST 433 Verifying COR 434Summary 434Chapter Review Questions 436 Chapter 8 Configuring H.323 Gatekeepers 441H.323 Gatekeeper Fundamentals 441 Gatekeeper Overview 441 Gatekeeper Hardware and Software Requirements 445 Gatekeeper Signaling 445 Call Flows with a Gatekeeper 464 Zone Prefixes 468 Technology Prefixes 469 Gatekeeper Call Routing 471 Directory Gatekeepers 479 Gatekeeper Transaction Message Protocol 486 Verifying Gatekeepers 487Configuring H.323 Gatekeepers 489 Gatekeeper Configuration Steps 489 Configuring Gatekeeper Zones 493 Configuring Zone Prefixes 494 Configuring Technology Prefixes 495 Configuring Gateways to Use H.323 Gatekeepers 497 Dial-Peer Configuration 500 Verifying Gatekeeper Functionality 502Providing Call Admission Control with H.323 504 Gatekeeper Zone Bandwidth Operation 504 RAI in Gatekeeper Networks 510Summary 515Chapter Review Questions 516 Chapter 9 Establishing a Connection with an Internet Telephony ServiceProvider 521Introducing the Cisco Unified Border Element Gateway 521 Cisco Unified Border Element Overview 521 Cisco IOS Image Support for Cisco UBE Gateways 523 Cisco UBE Gateways in Enterprise Environments 523 Protocol Interworking on Cisco UBE Gateways 526 Media Flows on Cisco UBE Gateways 528 Codec Filtering on Cisco UBEs 530RSVP-Based CAC on Cisco UBEs 530 Cisco UBE Gateways and Gatekeeper Interworking 532 Cisco UBE Gateway Call Flows 533Configuring Cisco Unified Border Elements 538 Protocol Interworking Command 538 Configuring H.323-to-H.323 Interworking 539 Configuring H.323-to-SIP Interworking 541 Media Flow and Transparent Codec Commands 542 Configuring Transparent Codec Pass-Through and Media Flow-Around 543 Configuring Cisco UBEs and Via-Zone Gatekeepers 544 Verifying Cisco UBEs and Via-Zone Gatekeepers 546Summary 549Chapter Review Questions 550 Appendix A Answers to Chapter Review Questions 553

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Opening Doors to a World of Possibilities --
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IV : LAWYERS AND THE POLITICAL SYSTEM: The profession and the political system --
Lawyers and the First Amendment --
Lawyer liability. Introduction / Robert H. Albers --
Depression / William H. Meller, Robert H. Albers --
Anxiety disorders / Thomas Mackenzie, Christie Cozad Neuger --
Psychotic disorders / Stephen Olson, Joretta L. Marshall --
Personality disorders / Donald W. Black, Janet Ramsey --
Substance-use disorders / Sheila Specker, Robert H. Albers --
Eating disorders / William Yates, Diana Thierry --
Autism / Steven D. Thurber, Hollie Holt-Woehl --
Acquired brain injury / Steven D. Thurber, William Sheehan, Lawrence M. Pray --
Dementia / Ruth Marie Thompson, Elayne Lipp --
Conclusion : psychopharmacology / William H. Meller, Sarah J. Meller. "Those who are afflicted as well as those who are adversely affected by mental illness often live lives of 'quiet desperation' without recourse to appropriate assistance. Most caregivers confronted with these illnesses in the work of ministry have had no training or accurate information about mental illnesses, so frequently they do nothing, resulting in further harm and damage. Others may operate out of a theological system that does not adequately account for the nature, severity, or treatment of these illnesses. In Ministry with persons with mental illness and their families, eighteen psychiatrists and pastoral theologians come together in an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort to ensure accuracy of information concerning the medical dimensions of mental illness, interpret these illnesses from a faith perspective, and make suggestions relative to effective ministry. Readers will learn how science and a faith tradition can not only coexist but work in tandem to alleviate the pain of the afflicted and affected"--Publisher description. I. Overview of attachment theory. The nature of the child's ties / Jude Cassidy --
Disruptions in attachment bonds : implications for theory, research, and clinical intervention / Roger Kobak and Stephanie Madsen --
Attachment, loss, and grief : Bowlby's views and current controversies / Phillip R. Shaver and R. Chris Fraley --
Individual differences in infant-caregiver attachment : conceptual and empirical aspects of security / Nancy S. Weinfield [and others] --
Internal working models in attachment relationships : elaborating a central construct in attachment theory / Inge Bretherton and Kristine A. Munholland --
II. Biological perspectives. Attachment theory within a modern evolutionary framework / Jeffry A. Simpson and Jay Belsky --
Psychobiological origins of infant attachment and its role in development / H. Jonathan Polan and Myron A. Hofer --
Attachment in rhesus monkeys / Stephen J. Suomi --
Attachment and temperament : additive and interactive influences on behavior, affect, and cognition during infancy and childhood / Brian E. Vaughn, Kelly K. Bost, and Marinus H. van IJzendoorn --
Studying the biology of human attachment / Nathan A. Fox and Amie Ashley Hane --
Toward a neuroscience of attachment / James A. Coan --
III. Attachment in infancy and childhood. Normative development : the ontogeny of attachment / Robert S. Marvin and Preston A. Britner --
Precursors of attachment security / Jay Belsky and R.M. Pasco Fearon --
Attachment relationships in the context of multiple caregivers / Carollee Howes and Susan Spieker --
The influence of early attachments on other relationships / Lisa J. Berlin, Jude Cassidy, and Karen Appleyard --
Early attachment and later development : familiar questions, new answers / Ross A. Thompson --
Attachment in middle childhood / Kathryn A. Kerns --
The measurement of attachment security and related constructs in infancy and early childhood / Judith Solomon and Carol George. IV. Attachment in adolescence and adulthood. The attachment system in adolescence / Joseph P. Allen --
Pair bonds as attachments : reevaluating the evidence / Debra Zeifman and Cindy Hazan --
Adult romantic attachment : developments in the study of couple relationships / Judith A. Feeney --
Same-sex romantic attachment / Jonathan J. Mohr --
Adult attachment and affect regulation / Mario Mikulincer and Phillip R. Shaver --
Attachment in middle and later life / Carol Magai --
The adult attachment interview : protocol, method of analysis, and empirical studies / Erik Hesse --
Measurement of individual differences in adolescent and adult attachment / Judith A. Crowell, R. Chris Fraley, and Phillip R. Shaver --
V. Psychopathology and clinical applications of attachment theory and research. Attachment and psychopathology in childhood / Michelle DeKlyen and Mark T. Greenberg --
Attachment disorganization : genetic factors, parenting contexts, and developmental transformation from infancy to adulthood / Karlen Lyons-Ruth and Deborah Jacobvitz --
Challenges to the development of attachment relationships faced by young children in foster and adoptive care / Mary Dozier and Michael Rutter --
Attachment and psychopathology in adulthood / Mary Dozier, K. Chase Stovall-McClough, and Kathleen E. Albus --
Prevention and intervention programs for supporting early attachment security / Lisa J. Berlin, Charles H. Zeanah, and Alicia F. Lieberman --
The implications of attachment theory and research for adult psychotherapy : research and clinical perspectives / Arietta Slade --
Psychoanalytic constructs and attachment theory and research / Peter Fonagy, George Gergely, and Mary Target --
Couple and family therapy : an attachment perspective / Susan M. Johnson --
VI. Systems, culture, and context. The caregiving system : a behavioral systems approach to parenting / Carol George and Judith Solomon --
A wider view of attachment and exploration : the influence of mothers and fathers on the development of psychological security from infancy to young adulthood / Karin Grossmann [and others] --
Cross-cultural patterns of attachment : universal and contextual dimensions / Marinus H. van IJzendoorn and Abraham Sagi-Schwartz --
Attachment and religious representations and behavior / Pehr Granqvist and Lee A. Kirkpatrick --
An attachment-theoretical perspective on divorce / Brooke C. Feeney and Joan K. Monin --
Implications of attachment theory and research for child care policies / Michael Rutter.