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Ponies in the valley Read online ebook PRC, EPUB, DJVU

Author: Diana Pullein-Thompson
Publisher: [London] : Armada, 1976
ISBNISSN: 0006918069, 9780006918066
Notes: 128 pages ; 19 cm.
Responsibility: Ponies in the valley
Edition: Print book : Fiction : Juvenile audience : English
Originally published: Sydney ; London : Collins, 1978. The science of life and its chemical basis --
Cells --
Cells and energy --
Genes and heredity --
Genomes --The patterns and processes of evolution --
The evolution of diversity --
Flowering plants: form and function --
Animals: form and function --
Ecology. Leadership for Increased Rigor The COMPASS Model Rigor, Research, and the Change Process Culture Ownership and Shared Vision Managing Data Professional Development Advocacy Shared Accountability Structures that Support Rigor Moving Forward for Growth 6 Introduction; A New Profession; 16 Peter Behrens; 18 Henry van de Velde; 20 Will Bradley; 22 The New Poster; 26 Graphics for Retail; 28 The Suffrage Movement; 30 Eric Gill; 32 Wiener Werkstatte; 36 Charles Rennie Mackintosh; The New Design Experiment; 42 Italian Futurism; 44 World War I Posters; 46 E. McKnight Kauffer; 50 A.M. Cassandre; 54 De Stijl; 56 El Lissitzky; 58 Alexander Rodchenko; 60 Bauhaus; 64 Laszlo Moholy-Nagy; 66 Herbert Bayer; 68 Jan Tschichold; 70 The Ring; 74 Photomontage; 78 Alexey Brodovitch; 80 Art Deco; 84 Studio Boggeri; 86 Karel Teige; 88 Ladislav Sutnar; 90 Hendrik Werkman; 92 National Identity; Mid-Century Modern; 98 Hermann Zapf; 100 Max Bill; 102 Herbert Matter; 104 Saul Bass; 106 Paul Rand; 110 Cipe Pineles; 112 Lester Beall; 114 Leo Lionni; 116 Bernard Villemot; 118 Abram Games; 120 F.H.K. Henrion; 122 Design Magazines; 124 Josef Muller-Brockmann; 126 Bruno Munari; 128 Olle Eksell; 130 Design for Transportation; 134 Ivan Chermayeff; 136 Massimo Vignelli; 138 Robert Brownjohn; 140 Yusaku Kamekura; 142 Henryk Tomaszewski; 144 Jazz Covers; Pop, Subversion, And Alternatives; 150 Massin; 152 Push Pin Studio; 156 Herb Lubalin; 158 Pop in the High Street; 160 Psychedelic Graphics; 162 The Underground Press; 164 Chinese Graphic Design; 166 Roman Cieslewicz; 168 Cuban Posters; 170 Grapus; Late Modern And Postmodernism; 176 Pentagram; 180 Wim Crouwel; 182 Jan van Toorn; 184 Gert Dumbar; 186 Hard Werken; 188 Muriel Cooper; 190 Wolfgang Weingart; 192 Dan Friedman; 194 Bruno Monguzzi; 196 Ikko Tanaka; 198 Jamie Reid; Design In The Digital Era; 204 April Greiman; 206 Style Magazines; 210 Javier Mariscal; 212 Vaughan Oliver; 214 Cranbrook Academy of Art; 216 Emigre; 218 Tibor Kalman; 220 Erik Spiekermann; 222 Neville Brody; 224 Why Not Associates; 228 Jonathan Barnbrook; 230 Eiko Ishioka; 232 David Carson; 234 Ott + Stein; 236 Sheila Levrant de Bretteville; 238 Adbusters; 240 Design/Writing/Research; 242 Cyan; Information; 244 Bibliography; 248 Museums and Design Collections; 249 Glossary; 250 Index; 255 Acknowledgments The Flanders sanatorium --
20 November 1917: First Clash --
20 November 1917: The attack continues --
The Battle for Bourlon Ridge --
A counter-attack is planned --
30 November 1917: Hoped raised --
December 1917: Hopes dashed. After an introductory chapter tracing the development of the Hindenburg Line, the author concentrates on German aspects of the bitterly fought battle of Cambrai from 20 November to 6 December 1917. The narrative splits easily into two parts. First the defensive battle 20-29 November which is followed by the counter-attack which saw the German Army regain not only most of the ground lost in the opening phase but more besides. Detailed descriptions are given of the struggle for Flesquie'res Ridge and the see-saw battles for key terrain, including Bourlon Wood, as the German Army rushed reinforcements to the sectors under attack before we witness the German offensive. Of particular interest are the controversial interventions in operational matters of Ludendorf which were sharply criticized by Crown Prince Rupprecht. After learning that she is an extremely powerful fairy, twelve-year-old Zaria Tourmaline uses her magic to try to learn about her parents' and brother's disappearance three years before, and to explore the human world--activities which put her and all of Feyland at risk. Kazali. "Cyhoeddwyd dan nawdd Cynllun Adnoddau Addysgu a Dysgu CBAC." Originally published: London: Bodley Head, 1987. Originally published: New York : Dragonfly Books, 1997, ©1990. 1st Dragonfly Books ed.
"A tale told with tangrams"--Cover. Grandfather tells a story about shape-changing fox fairies who try to best each other until a hunter brings danger to both of them. The Faroes, or, more precisely, Faroese life, are subject and plot, respectively, of this, Heinesens's 1934 first novel, appearing finally in its first English translation. Among the principals are a Lutheran minister slipping into paranoiac delusions; a dour, suspicious, shrewd village shopkeeper; a woman innkeeper and majordomo-for-hire with a shrouded past; the philosophical and compassionate male teacher at a small islands school; a bad penny of an evangelical Adventist missionary; a meek, compulsively eavesdropping, middle-aged itinerant; and a thoughtful, wondering youth just awakening to the world. The story, such as it is, consists of what these people and others think and how they interact within the span of roughly one year. Includes index. Getting to know Captivate --
Creating new projects --
Adding and managing slides --
Adding content objects --
Audio and video --
Managing objects --
Actions & interactions --
Editing software simulations --
Variables & advanced actions --
Questions & quizzes --
Special tools & wizards --
Publishing. Foreword / Mo Therese Hannah --
Preface / Diane Sollee --
Introduction to PAIRS / Rita DeMaria --
The PAIRS Program in Context --
An Overview of the PAIRS Program / Rita DeMaria --
The Saga of the Development of PAIRS / Lori H. Gordon --
The Voices of the PAIRS Leaders / Barbara Bogartz --
The PAIRS Program: Through the Voices of the Leaders --
The PAIRS Relationship Road Map / Robin Temple --
Emotional Literacy and Healthy Relationships / Ann Ladd --
Communication and Conflict Resolution / J. Thomas DeVoge, Joyce B. DeVoge --
PAIRS and Family Systems / Bonnie Gordon-Rabinowitz, Marc D. Rabinowitz --
Bonding and Emotional Literacy / Carlos Durana --
Sensuality and Sexuality / Don Adams, Don Azevedo --
Contracting: Clarifying Expectations / Ellen B. Purcell --
Spirituality and the PAIRS Program / Teresa Adams --
PAIRS Research / Carlos Durana --
Special Populations and Adaptations --
Stepfamilies / Bill, Linda Wing --
PEERS: Programs for Youth / Seth Eisenberg --
PAIRS Short Programs / Kelly Simpson --
Practical Realities --
Exploring Gender Issues in the PAIRS Program / Elaine Braff --
PAIRS: Health and Wellness-Preliminary Considerations / Christine Hibbard, David Hibbard --
Ethics / J. Thomas DeVoge --
Epilogue: Spiritual Partnership / Rabbi Morris Gordon --
Closing / Rabbi Morris Gordon.