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Publisher: London : Institution of Electrical Engineers, ©1998.
ISBNISSN: 085296708X, 9780852967089, 0852967063, 9780852967065, 0852967071, 9780852967072
Genre: Conference papers and proceedings, Congresses
Notes: 2 volumes : illustrations ; 30 cm.
Responsibility: Control '98 : UKACC International Conference on Control '98 : 1-4 September 1998, venue: University of Wales Swansea, UK
Other titles: Conference on Conrol '98
Originally published: 2006. Originally published: 1980. A Jeffrey book. Authentic stories of Tennessee ghosts, including a phantom fiddler and the restless spirit of explorer Meriwether Lewis, blend the experiences of real people with local history and folklore. Cover title. The Elms, Morecambe / Simon Kurt Unsworth --
Wild goat curry / John Irvine --
Wicked appetites / Sylvia Shults --
Tooth Fairy / Tracie McBride --
The bodymen / Adrian Chamberlin --
Lemminaid / Carson Buckingham --
Lost / Maureen Irvine --
Archi's story / David M. Youngquist --
Gift from a vampire / Maureen Irvine --
The end / Serenity J. Banks --
Lest we forget / Tracie McBride --
My sister doesn't live there anymore / John Irvine --
The end of Leonard Bangston / John Prescott. The Scoop --
What is accounting? --
Accounting services --
Breakdown of accounting careers --
Getting hired --
Hiring process and interviews --
The CPA --
On the job --
Is there life after public accounting? --
Accounting employers. With the focus on proper accounting increasing with recent corporate scandals, the industry is set for major growth and recruiting; industry associations are already planning major pushes to bring more talent into the industry. In this insider Vault Guide, now in its 3rd edition, the ins and outs of a career in accounting--from the types of accounting, including tax and audit, to the hiring process and workplace culture of major accounting employers, including the Big Four accounting firms, industry accounting employers, and more. Nature's food chain --
What is a decomposer? --
The detritus food chain --
Billions of bacteria --
Freaky fungi --
Decomposer close-ups --
Where decomposers live --
Nature's recyclers --
Making an energy pyramid. Introduces decomposers, nature's recyclers that help break down dead or decaying organic material, and their role in the food chain. Introduction: Finding the river --
I. Collapse. A crisis of bigness ; Upon the mathematics of the falling away ; The drowned world ; The space race is over ; The quants and the poets ; A short history of loss --
II. Withdrawal. Confessions of a recovering environmentalist ; The poet and the machine ; Learning what to make of it ; the barcode moment ; Dark ecology --
III. Connection. In the black chamber ; The old yoke ; The bay ; Rescuing the English ; The witness ; Singing to the forest ; Planting trees in the Anthropocene --
Epilogue: Uncivilisation / with Dougald Hine ; The eight principles of uncivilisation. "Paul Kingsnorth was once an activist--an ardent environmentalist. He fought against rampant development and the depredations of a corporate world that seemed hell-bent on ignoring a looming climate crisis in its relentless pursuit of profit. But as the environmental movement began to focus on "sustainability" rather than the defense of wild places for their own sake, and as global conditions worsened, he grew disenchanted with the movement that he once embraced. He gave up what he saw as the false hope that residents of the First World would ever make the kind of sacrifices that might avert the severe consequences of climate change. Full of grief and fury as well as passionate, lyrical evocations of nature and the wild, Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist gathers the wave-making essays that have charted the change in Kingsnorth's thinking. In them he articulates a new vision, one that stands firmly in opposition to the belief that technology can save us, and he argues for a renewed balance between the human and nonhuman worlds."--Page 4 of cover. The 100 greatest stars of all time. Spirit driven success --
The big picture and your part in it! --
The truth about money --
Receiving gifts of the spirit --
Creating unity in a diverse culture --
What kind of servant are you? --
Six tests to determine if you are ready for your gifts --
Becoming one of God's chosen --
Give generously --
Refiner's fire --
The weapons of our warfare - Facing your giants --
Your next step. "Dani reveals time tested Biblical secrets to achieving financial freedom. Inside you'll discover the spiritual keys that unlock to doors to true wealth. You'll also uncover the habits that lead to poverty and financial struggle, the lies about money, how God rewards a spirit of excellence, and much more!"--Page 4 of cover. First ed. under title: Growth and replication of cells, organisms and other entities. Literaturverz. S. 225 - 252 Contents: Simon Cottle: Series Editor's Preface: Global Crises and the Media - Justin Lewis/Tammy Boyce: Climate Change and the Media: The Scale of the Challenge - Richard Maxwell/Toby Miller: Talking Rubbish: Green Citizenship, Media, and the Environment - Rowan Howard-Williams: Ideological Construction of Climate Change in Australian and New Zealand Newspapers - Catherine Butler/Nick Pidgeon: Media Communications and Public Understanding of Climate Change: Reporting Scientific Consensus on Anthropogenic Warming - Robert E.T. Ward: Climate Change, the Public, and the Media in the UK: A Watershed Moment - Grace Reid: The Climate Change Docudrama: Challenges in Simultaneously Entertaining and Informing Audiences - Stephen Zehr: An Environmentalist/Economic Hybrid Frame in US Press Coverage of Climate Change, 2000-2008 - Tim Holmes: Balancing Acts: PR, "Impartiality", and Power in Mass Media Coverage of Climate Change - Julie Doyle: Climate Action and Environmental Activism: The Role of Environmental NGOs and Grassroots Movements in the Global Politics of Climate Change - Mike Hulme: Mediated Messages about Climate Change: Reporting the IPCC Fourth Assessment in the UK Print Media - Neil T. Gavin: The Web and Climate Change Politics: Lessons from Britain? - Mike Shanahan: Time to Adapt? Media Coverage of Climate Change in Nonindustrialised Countries - Yan Wu: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Framing of China in News Media Coverage of Global Climate Change - Lyn McGaurr/Libby Lester: Complementary Problems, Competing Risks: Climate Change, Nuclear Energy, and the Australian - Alex Lockwood: Preparations for a Post-Kyoto Media Coverage of UK Climate Policy - Astrid Dirikx/Dave Gelders: Global Warming through the Same Lens: An Explorative Framing Study in Dutch and French Newspapers - Peter Berglez/Birgitta Hoeijer/Ulrika Olausson: Individualisation and Nationalisation of the Climate Issue: Two Ideological Horizons in Swedish News Media.