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Read book Exodus : an introduction and commentary DJV, IBOOKS, DOC

Author: R Alan Cole; InterVarsity Press
Publisher: Leicester, England ; Downers Grove, Illinois, U.S.A. : Inter-Varsity Press, 1985.
ISBNISSN: 0851118267, 9780851118260, 0877848653, 9780877848653, 0877842523, 9780877842521
Genre: Analiza i interpretacja, Opracowanie
Notes: 239 s. ; 19 cm.
Responsibility: Exodus : an introduction and commentary
Edition: Print book : English : Reprinted
A starling contrast --
Culture shock in the pew --
Discovering the moral issue --
Protecting the children --
The singles scene --
The benefits of remembering the pain --
Sin takes time --
In pursuit of happiness --
Hogtied into ministry --
Christians in action --
The church is not for perfect people. "For untold years, the perfectly preserved mummy had lain forgotten in the dusty basement of Boston's Crispin Museum. Now its sudden rediscovery by museum staff is both a major coup and an attention grabbing mystery. Dubbed "Madam X," the mummy-to all appearances, an ancient Egyptian artifact-seems a ghoulish godsend for the financially struggling institution. But medical examiner Maura Isles soon discovers a macabre message hidden within the corpse-horrifying proof that his "centuries-old" relic is instead a modern-day murder victim. To Maura and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli, the forensic evidence is unmistakable, its implications terrifying. And when the grisly remains of another woman are found in the museum, it becomes clear that a maniac is at large. Archaeologist Josephine Pulcillo's darkest dread becomes real when the carefully preserved corpse of yet a third victim is left in her car like a gruesome offering. Now Maura must summon her own dusty knowledge of ancient death traditions to unravel a murderer's twisted endgame. And when Josephine vanishes, Maura and Jane have precious little time to derail the Archaeology Killer before he adds another."--BOOK COVER. What should you be prepared to do to help new Christians escape the temptations of their old lifestyles? How should you respond to the problems of divorce, drug addiction, homosexuality, and child abuse? How can you equip yourself to keep new believers from slipping through the cracks back into the world? "Based on the books written by Judy Blume."
"TCM 2345"--Cover.
"Literature unit"--Cover. Plik mobi, 192 s. "Raw food is for everyone, say the authors of one of Denmark's best-selling cookbooks, and they make a compelling case for that claim. Equally at home on the coffee table or in the kitchen, The Art of Raw Food features gorgeous four-color photography and delicious yet simple raw food recipes as well as a background on the benefits of a raw food diet. Jens Casupei and Vibeke Kaupert, raw food enthusiasts with a flair for style as well as a passion for healthy living, introduce readers to the good (raw food), the bad (processed food), and the ugly (how processed food can make you feel). Sixty pages of information on health and diet are followed by 260 pages of mouth-watering recipes. In 140 recipes, the authors cover breakfast (Delicious Buckwheat Porridge); shakes and smoothies (Orange and Blackcurrant Shake); soups (Light and Fluffy Pepper Bisque); main dishes (Chili Sin Carne); soups, dips, and pates (Olive Tapenade); desserts (Pineapple Carpaccio with Berry Coulis); snacks (Quetzalcoatl Chocolate); and sauces and dressings (Sunflower and Beetroot Sauce). A terrific introduction to the world of raw foods for any newcomer, Raw Food offers plenty of diverse and unique recipes for every occasion"-- Includes index. Amphitryon. --
Major Bullshot-Gorgeous (Miles Gloriosus) --
The prisoners (Captivi). Originally published: [United States] : [s.n.], 1986. Little Wombat is excited. He's found a new friend to play with who walks strangely, has a funny little face and, most amazingly of all, can swim like a fish in the water! But when Platypus tries teaching Little Wombat to swim, Rabbit and Koala begin to wonder if wombats should stick to dry land! Previous ed.: 2001. "Practicing Chaos Magick involves the temporary adoption of an obsessive belief systems that allows for the abandonment of that belief system upon the completion of the work. To do this it is of prime importance that no one particular set of beliefs is ever accepted as being ultimately true"--Back cover. Why read this book? --
Raw food: the short story --
Raw food: an emerging trend --
Raw food: the technical details --
Slim and healthy with raw food --
Raw food and body temperature --
The best thing you can do for earth --
Why we prefer raw food --
How to be successful with raw food --
More things you should know about food --
How to use this book --
Breakfast --
Smoothies --
Salads --
Main dishes --
Soups --
Dips and pates --
Desserts --
Cakes and other snacks --
Sweet creams and sauces --
Nut milks --
Sauces and dressings --
Raw food test.