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Read book Heart of the old country AZW3, DOCX, EPUB, DJV

Author: Tim McLoughlin
Publisher: Brooklyn, NY : Akashic Books, ©2009.
ISBNISSN: 9781936070008, 1936070006
Genre: Detective and mystery stories, Noir fiction, Detective and mystery fiction, Fiction
Notes: 216 pages ; 21 cm
Responsibility: Heart of the old country
Edition: Print book : Fiction : English
Tyre, 332 BC --
Jerusalem, AD 70 --
Acre, 1189-91 --
Château-Gaillard, 1203-4 --
Constantinople, 1453 --
Tenochtitlán, 1521 --
Malta, 1565 --
Chittor Garh, 1567-8 --
Nagashino, 1575 --
Londonderry, 1689 --
Yorktown, 1781 --
Gibraltar, 1779-83 --
Badajoz, 1812 --
The Alamo, 1836 --
Lucknow, 1857 --
Vicksburg, 1863 --
Paris, 1870-1 --
Tobruk, 1941 --
Leningrad & Stalingrad, 1941-4 --
Dien Bien Phu, 1954 --
Glossary. In slipcase. Atheist, holocaust survivor, concert pianist, media executive, Ph. D. They all defied the status quo and thought for themselves. They dared to explore and confront the forbidden. The result? Everything in their lives changed for the better! Author Sid Roth was instructed in a dream to find and interview people who had broken through the mold of their previous experiences to achieve their destiny. These are the people he interviewed. These are their stories and this is your time for your breakthrough! Everyone has a supernatural destiny, but few reach it. Too many want the safe and comfortable life of following the same old roads or fitting in with the same old crowd. How boring! have you ever wondered if there is something more to life? Have your ever dared to reach beyond your comfort zone? Only when you dare to think for yourself, will you reach your supernatural destiny. Start today! Provides the latest information on handguns and how to carry them, how to see trouble and avoid it, gunfighting tactics, discusses the consequences of shooting someone, and the newest information on concealed carry laws and licenses. Presents a collection of short stories, including "Mister X," "No Man's Land," and "The Campaign Trail." "A psychologist uses post-traumatic stress disorder as a model for the partner wounded by infidelity to explore rage and emotional pain and to learn the secrets of recovery"--Provided by publisher. A gazetteer of the worlds cave regions. Mass shootings: in search of answers --
Victims or survivors: fighting back against criminals and terrorists --
Why carry a gun? the police can't protect you --
Staying out of trouble: non-violent dispute resolution --
Choosing a handgun: semi-automatics and revolvers --
How to carry: holsters and other accessories --
Avoiding accidents: safety and handling --
Basic handgun shooting watch the front sight --
Advanced shooting: back up and move to cover --
Winning a gunfight: mind-set and tactics --
Deadly force: when to use it and what happens when you do --
Practice: your life depends on it --
State concealed-handgun carry laws. 1. Crime prevention in the twentieth century --
2. Joining up to the New Labour agenda --
3. Crime and community : from communitarianism to the management of crime --
4. Shifting the control culture --
5. The focus on children and youth --
6. Confronting racist Britain? --
7. War and securitisation --
8. Fighting the enemy within : building cohesive communities --
9. Serious and organised? Legislative and mission creep in 'the sick man of Europe' --
10. The changing face of crime prevention. Symptoms of post-infidelity stress disorder (PISD) --
Differing responses of men and women to infidelity --
Those most vulnerable to trauma --
Adult children of unfaithful parents --
Stage 1 : calming the emotional storm --
Stage 2 : understanding your unfaithful partner --
Stage 3 : seeking self-understanding --
Stage 4: making a wise decision --
Stage 5 : embracing self-forgiveness --
Stage 6 : forgiving your unfaithful partner. Includes index. No man's land --
The man with the bagful of boomerangs in the Bois de Boulogne --
Mister X --
Character --
Canoe repair --
Annals of plagiary --
The campaign trail --
The last disarmament but one --
Silk, or the woman with the bike --
The unknown kid --
Particle of difference --
Night soul. Introducing romanticism / Duncan Heath & Judy Boreham. Published: 2010 --
Introducing aesthetics / Christopher Kul-Want & Piero. Published: 2010 --
Introducing philosophy / Dave Robinson & Judy Groves. Published: 2007. Paralyzed--
"Learn to live with it!" / David Yaniv --
ZZZZ Best / Barry Minkow --
The survivor / Rose Price --
A new song / Alyosha Ryabinov --
Yiddishkeit / Sharon R. Allen --
There must be something more? / Sid Roth --
Tradition or truth? What I learned about rabbinic Judaism / Michael L. Brown --
It was not for me / Randy and Tricia Horne --
Bat shalom : Daughter of Zion / Batya Segal --
The amazing Jewish book and the God-shaped hole in my soul / Manny Brotman. "A Karen & Michael Braziller book."