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Author: John Kelly
Publisher: Hudson, Wisconsin : Iconografix, [2009]
ISBNISSN: 9781583882443, 1583882448
Genre: History, Pictorial works
Notes: 126 pages : chiefly illustrations (some color), map ; 22 x 26 cm
Responsibility: Rio Grande locomotives photo archive
Other titles: Rio Grande locomotives

Thru the Rockies, not around them : narrow gauge steam locomotives --
Scenic line of the world : standard gauge steam locomotives --
Main line thru the Rockies : diesel locomotives --
Rio Grande's colorful Colorado.

Originally published: Caesura Press, 1981. With corrections. La couv. porte en plus " Written by GCSE examiners."
GCSE : General Certificate of Secondary Education. 1. Standard Multiorgan Procurement from the Deceased Donor.- 2. Donation After Cardiac Death Organ Procurement.- 3. Dialysis Access Procedures.- 4. Nephrectomy from a Living Donor.- 5. Kidney Transplantation.- 6. Pancreas Transplantation.- 7. Liver Transplantation.- 8. Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation.- 9. Total Pancreatectomy and Islet Autotransplantation.- 10. Pediatric Liver Transplantation. I. Proverbs --
A. Two ways (Proverbs 1-9) --
The basic framework --
Prologue (1:1-7) --
Hearing no evil (I:8-19) --
Hearing wisdom's offer (1:20-33) --
Accepting wisdom's offer (2) --
Holding on to wisdom (3) --
Prizing and protecting the parental path (4) --
Avoiding the adulteress 95) --
Avoiding various entanglements (6) --
Avoiding dame folly (7) --
Hearing Lady Wisdom's offer again (8) --
Final offers from wisdom and folly (9) --
B. The virtues of Proverbs (Proverbs 10-29) --
Overview --
Seven (cardinal and theological) virtues --
Seven capital vices --
Speech acts --
C. Final words: Wisdom in cosmic, social, and familial context (Proverbs 30-31) --
Oracles fro outsiders --
Order in society and the family. II. Ecclesiastes --
A. Introduction: Nothing is really new or lasting (under the sun) (Ecclesiastes 1:1-11) --
Part 1: A quest for "better" (Ecclesiastes 1:12-6:9) --
Wisdom offers no permanent gain (1:12-18) --
Achievements offer no permanent gain (2:1-26) --
Everything must be suitable for its time (3:1-15) --
Is there a time or place for justice? (3:16-22) --
Justice and the community (4:1-16) --
God's economy: Fulfilling vows (5:1-7) --
Earthly economies: Seeing wealth, sleeping well (5:8-6:9) --
B. Transition: Summary of Part I and introduction to Part 2 (Ecclesiastes 6:10-12) --
Part 2: Who knows? (Ecclesiastes 7:1-12:7) --
Proverbs on wise living in the face of death (7:1-14) --
Musings on retribution theology (7:15-29) --
Reflections on wisdom and authority (8:1-9) --
Observations regarding (in)justice (8:10-17) --
More on wise living int he face of the future (9:1-10:20) --
Proverbs on acting without certain knowledge (11:1-6) --
Summing up: Wisdom for youth (11:7-12:7) --
C. Conclusion: The end of the matter (Ecclesiastes 12:8-14). "Pastors and leaders of the classical church interpreted the Bible theologically, believing Scripture as a whole witnessed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Modern interpreters of the Bible questioned this premise. But in recent decades, a critical mass of theologians and biblical scholars has begun to reassert the priority of a theological reading of Scripture. The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible enlists leading theologians to read and interpret Scripture for the twenty-first century. In this addition to the well-received series, Daniel Treier offers theological exegesis of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes"--Publisher description. From Haverfield to Romanisation to Haverfield Roman Britain in the mid-nineteenth century Oxford, Mommsen and the 'new Ancient History' Lancing College, the CIL and the return to Oxford The 'mission' - on paper Excavation as 'big business' in Britain Improving Roman Britain The First World War and Haverfield's 'students' Haverfield's reputation and influence Haverfield into the next millennium Haverfield, R G Collingwood and beyond Romano-British studies in the new century Appendix 1: The Berlin letters Appendix 2: Haverfield and The Antiquary Appendix 3: British universities and British antiquities Appendix 4: The teaching of ancient history and archaeology at Oxford 1915 Appendix 5: Mortimer Wheeler and the progress of Romano-British archaeology Bibliography Index