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Telling tales : living the effects of public policy by Sheila M Neysmith; Kate Bezanson; Anne O

Author: Sheila M Neysmith; Kate Bezanson; Anne O'Connell
Publisher: Halifax, N.S. : Fernwood, ©2005.
ISBNISSN: 155266161X, 9781552661611
Notes: 232 p. ; 23 cm
Responsibility: Telling tales : living the effects of public policy
Edition: Print book : English
"Originally published in 1966 by Basic Books, Inc." Like lightning/you strike/fast and free/legs zoom/down field/eyes fixed/on the checkered ball/on the goal/ten yards to go/can't nobody stop you/can't nobody cop you... Soccer, family, love, and friendship take center stage as twelve-year-old Nick learns the power of words as he wrestles with problems at home, stands up to a bully, and tries to impress the girl of his dreams. Helping him along are his best friend and sometimes teammate Coby, and The Mac, a rapping librarian who gives Nick inspiring books to read. Cover; Half Title; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Introduction to the Transaction Edition; Preface; PART ONE Ideas and Contexts; 1 The Unit-Ideas of Sociology; IDEAS AND ANTITHESES; THE REVOLT AGAINST INDIVIDUALISM; LIBERALISM, RADICALISM, CONSERVATISM; IDEOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY; THE SOURCES OF SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION; 2 The Two Revolutions; THE BREAKUP OF THE OLD ORDER; THE THEMES OF INDUSTRIALISM; DEMOCRACY AS REVOLUTION; INDIVIDUALIZATION, ABSTRACTION, GENERALIZATION; PART TWO The Unit-Ideas of Sociology; 3 Community; THE REDISCOVERY OF COMMUNITY; THE IMAGE OF COMMUNITY THE MORAL COMMUNITYTHE EMPIRICAL COMMUNITY; A NOTE ON LE PLAY AND MARX; COMMUNITY AS TYPOLOGY; COMMUNITY AS METHODOLOGY; THE MOLECULAR COMMUNITY; 4 Authority; THE SPECTER OF POWER; AUTHORITY VERSUS POWER; THE DISCOVERY OF ELITES; THE ROOTS OF POWER; THE USES OF POWER; THE RATIONALIZATION OF AUTHORITY; THE FUNCTION OF AUTHORITY; THE FORMS OF AUTHORITY; 5 Status; THE EMERGENCE OF CLASS; THE MODEL OF CLASS; THE CHALLENGE TO CLASS; THE TRIUMPH OF STATUS; A NOTE ON LE PLAY, TAINE, AND DURKHEIM; THE CRYSTALLIZATION OF CLASS; CLASS AS GESELLSCHAFT; CLASS VERSUS STATUS; THE AUTONOMIZATION OF STATUS 6 The SacredTHE RECOVERY OF THE SACRED; THE SACRED AND THE SECULAR; DOGMA AND DEMOCRACY; THE SACRED AS PERSPECTIVE; THE SACRED AND PROFANE; CHARISMA AND CALLING; THE FUNCTION OF PIETY; 7 Alienation; THE MEANING OF ALIENATION; THE INVERSION OF PROGRESS; THE INVERSION OF INDIVIDUALISM; THE DIMINUTION OF MAN; THE ALIENATION OF LABOR; NEMESIS OF RATIONALISM; ISOLATION AND ANOMIE; THE TYRANNY OF OBJECTIVISM; PART THREE Epilogue; Dates of Principal Writers and Works Referred to in Text; Notes; Acknowledgments; Index [Books]: 1, 2, buckle my shoe / Liz Loveless ; On beyond a million / David M. Schwartz ; Don't wake the puppies! / Thea Feldman ; Look and learn numbers ; The blast off kid / Laura Driscoll ; Counting ; Counting kisses / Karen Katz ; The Cheerios counting book / Barbara McGrath ; Numbers ; Mathamusements / Raymond Blum ; Count with Dora! / Phoebe Beinstein ; First numbers ; My first Spanish number board book = mi primer libro de números en Español ; 1 2 3. Published to accompany the author's text volume, Imperial, published: New York : Viking, 2009. Volume 1: Development of Securities Markets South Sea Company, Pursuant to the Direction in Her Majestys Commission (1711); Thomas Fortune, An Epitome of the Stocks and Publick Funds (1796); Thomas Fortune and D. Morier Evans, Fortune's Epitome of the Stocks & Public Funds, English, Foreign & American (1850); Robert Lucas Nash, A Short Enquiry Into the Profitable Nature of Our Investments (1881) Volume 2: Public Policy Charles Fenn and Robert Lucas Nash, Fenn's Compendium of the English and Foreign Funds, Debts and Revenues of All Nations (1893); [Thomas Papillion], The-East-India Trade: A Most Profitable Trade to the Kingdom (1677); [John Pollexfen], A Discourse of Trade, Coyn and Paper Credit (1697); The American Jurist, 'Manufacturing Corporations' (1829); William Hawes, Observations on Limited and Unlimited Liability (1854) Volume 3: Limited Liability David Gibbons, The Limited Liability Act. To Which are Added, The Joint Stock Companies Acts (1858-9); Loftus Fitz-Wygram, Limited Liability Made Practical. Reduction of Capital of Companies and the Subdivision of Shares (1867); [John Playford], Vade Mecum, Or the Necessary Pocket Companion (1679) Volume 4: Corporate Finance in Practice [George Rae], The Internal Management of a Country Bank: In a Series of Letters (1850); Robert Arthur Ward, A Treatise on Investments: Being a Popular Exposition of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Kind of Investment (1852) Volume 5: Corporate Finance in Theory John Laing, The Theory of Business for Busy Men (1868); Arthur Crump, The Theory of Stock Exchange Speculation (1874) Volume 6: Corporate Finance in Theory (cont.) Arthur Ellis, The Rationale of Market Fluctuations (1879); Thomas L Greene, Corporation Finance: A Study (1898); Alfred Marshall, Industry and Trade: A Study of Industrial Technique and Business Organization There are painful moments in life when we think we shall never recover: the end of a long-standing marriage, a devastating diagnosis, the catastrophic loss of our home or our livelihood. Then, there are moments in which we wish we'll never recover: when a child is wrenched from us through accident, illness, an act of cruel violence, a drunk driver, lost hope or war. In her courageous book, When Every Day Matters, M.J. Hurley Brant chronicles the first year of living without her beloved daughter, Katie Brant. For ten years Katie and her family lived with the diagnosis, treatment and progression of brain cancer. MJ shares with us not the story of a life lost through tragedy, but the legacy of a renewed life filled with grace, compassion, wisdom and choice. A life in which Every Day Matters. Living with grief is a lonely journey, but you don't have to do it alone. Within these pages you will find a reassuring companion who knows what you are going through because she's been there. From practical reminders to drink more water so that your body does not suffer the effects of dehydration on top of emotional devastation, to creating memory gardens to channel sadness, MJ Hurley Brant's words, suggestions and sentiments will comfort and guide you to an understanding that sometimes the only way we get over the unbearable is by going through it. An illustrated guide to creating container gardens using both ornamental and edible flowers, vegetables and greens. Title from inventory list in accompanying folder.
Some books on board pages.
Includes one sheet of 20 magnets and 1 softplay book.
Kit assembled by the Gilman-Danforth District Library. The vegetable trials --
Climate and zone information --
Foolproof container growing --
Creating attractive combos --
Vegetables & flowers in traditional containers --
Vegetables & flowers in $5 containers --
Vegetables & flowers in side-planted containers --
Vegetables & flowers : growing information. Picture story book for children.
Sequel to: The chicken thief.
First published in French as: La Revanche du coq. Paris : Editions Autrement, 2011.
"A wordless adventure about greed, loyalty and finding real treasure"--Back cover. A wordless picture book in which Rooster, Hare and Bear bid adieu to Fox and Chicken and start their sea voyage back home to the farm. But it is no pleasure cruise when they find themselves washed up on a desert island and Rooster discovers a mysterious white orb. Suggested level: junior. Deviance and society --
Social control --
Sociological concepts and approaches --
Sexual, domestic, and commercial deviance --
Mental illness --
Youth and deviance --
Street crime.