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Terrapsychology : re-engaging the soul of place Read ebook in RTF, EPUB, DJVU, PDF, TXT

Author: Craig Chalquist; Mary E Gomes
Publisher: New Orleans : Spring Journal Books, ©2007.
ISBNISSN: 9781882670659, 1882670655
Notes: xiii, 158 pages ; 23 cm
Responsibility: Terrapsychology : re-engaging the soul of place
Other titles: Re-engaging the soul of place
Terra psychology
Foreword by Mary Gomes.

Stones gathered at the lake inspire and take a young artist on a creative journey. I. Proverbs --
A. Two ways (Proverbs 1-9) --
The basic framework --
Prologue (1:1-7) --
Hearing no evil (I:8-19) --
Hearing wisdom's offer (1:20-33) --
Accepting wisdom's offer (2) --
Holding on to wisdom (3) --
Prizing and protecting the parental path (4) --
Avoiding the adulteress 95) --
Avoiding various entanglements (6) --
Avoiding dame folly (7) --
Hearing Lady Wisdom's offer again (8) --
Final offers from wisdom and folly (9) --
B. The virtues of Proverbs (Proverbs 10-29) --
Overview --
Seven (cardinal and theological) virtues --
Seven capital vices --
Speech acts --
C. Final words: Wisdom in cosmic, social, and familial context (Proverbs 30-31) --
Oracles fro outsiders --
Order in society and the family. II. Ecclesiastes --
A. Introduction: Nothing is really new or lasting (under the sun) (Ecclesiastes 1:1-11) --
Part 1: A quest for "better" (Ecclesiastes 1:12-6:9) --
Wisdom offers no permanent gain (1:12-18) --
Achievements offer no permanent gain (2:1-26) --
Everything must be suitable for its time (3:1-15) --
Is there a time or place for justice? (3:16-22) --
Justice and the community (4:1-16) --
God's economy: Fulfilling vows (5:1-7) --
Earthly economies: Seeing wealth, sleeping well (5:8-6:9) --
B. Transition: Summary of Part I and introduction to Part 2 (Ecclesiastes 6:10-12) --
Part 2: Who knows? (Ecclesiastes 7:1-12:7) --
Proverbs on wise living in the face of death (7:1-14) --
Musings on retribution theology (7:15-29) --
Reflections on wisdom and authority (8:1-9) --
Observations regarding (in)justice (8:10-17) --
More on wise living int he face of the future (9:1-10:20) --
Proverbs on acting without certain knowledge (11:1-6) --
Summing up: Wisdom for youth (11:7-12:7) --
C. Conclusion: The end of the matter (Ecclesiastes 12:8-14). "Pastors and leaders of the classical church interpreted the Bible theologically, believing Scripture as a whole witnessed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Modern interpreters of the Bible questioned this premise. But in recent decades, a critical mass of theologians and biblical scholars has begun to reassert the priority of a theological reading of Scripture. The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible enlists leading theologians to read and interpret Scripture for the twenty-first century. In this addition to the well-received series, Daniel Treier offers theological exegesis of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes"--Publisher description. A workbook. Chronicle / John of Biclaro --
History of the Kings of the Goths / Isidore of Seville --
The Chronicle of 754 --
The Chronicle of Alfonso III. Facsimile of typescript text, maps, and photos.
Includes index.
Issued in slipcase. Title from web.
Compact discs.
Duration: 15:00:00. Obata's Yosemite: an introduction.--
Obata of the thousand bays.--
Obata's vision of Yosemite.--
From watercolor to woodblock.--
Letters from Yosemite, 1927.--
Sierra trip: Yosemite Creek impressions.--
In praise of nature.--
Obata gets spirit of California in his prints. After a little girl, who is dressed like a reindeer, crashes Coyote's solstice party, she brings them to a mall where Coyote has fun shopping--until he realizes he needs to pay for everything. Proceedings. The Atrocity archives --
Concrete jungle --
The Jennifer morgue --
Pimpf. In The Atrocity Archive, English hacker and government agent Bob Howard, seconded to field-work with no training, tangles with a Nazi death-cult with access to parallel dimensions. In The Jennifer Morgue, a billionaire businessman, obsessed with a certain series of spy novels and movies, has concocted a fiendish scheme to raise a cyclopean entity from the ocean floor, and only Bob--in an ill-fitting tuxedo and a gimmicked econobox car--can stop him. Also includes the novellas "The Concrete Jungle" (a Hugo winner) and "Pimpf," along with an introduction by Ken MacLeod, afterwords by the author, and an extensive glossary of spy terms. An Elgar reference collection. Contents:Acknowledgements * IntroductionPart I: Theories of Economic Regulation1. George J. Stigler (1971), `The Theory of Economic Regulation'2. Richard A. Posner (1971), `Taxation by Regulation'3. Paul L. Joskow (1974), `Inflation and Environmental Concern: Structural Change in the Process of Public Utility Price Regulation'4. Mathew D. McCubbins, Roger G. Noll and Barry R. Weingast (1987), `Administrative Procedures as Instruments of Political Control'5. Sam Peltzman (1989), `The Economic Theory of Regulation after a Decade of Deregulation' and `Comments and Discussion'Part II: Efficient Pricing for Natural Monopolies when Regulators are Well Informed6. William J. Baumol (1977), `On the Proper Cost Tests for Natural Monopoly in a Multiproduct Industry'7. M. Boiteux (1960), `Peak-Load Pricing'8. Dennis W. Carlton (1977), `Peak Load Pricing with Stochastic Demand'9. William J. Baumol and David F. Bradford (1970), `Optimal Departures From Marginal Cost Pricing'10. Leonard J. Mirman and David Sibley (1980), `Optimal Nonlinear Prices for Multiproduct Monopolies'Part III: Regulation when Regulators are Imperfectly Informed11. William J. Baumol and Alvin K. Klevorick (1970), `Input Choices and Rate-of-Return Regulation: An Overview of the Discussion'12. David P. Baron and Roger B. Myerson (1982), `Regulating a Monopolist with Unknown Costs'13. Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole (1986), `Using Cost Observation to Regulate Firms'14. Paul L. Joskow and Richard Schmalensee (1986), `Incentive Regulation For Electric Utilities'15. Tracy R. Lewis and David E.M. Sappington (1988), `Regulating a Monopolist with Unknown Demand'16. Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole (1990), `The Regulation of Multiproduct Firms Part I: Theory'17. Richard Schmalensee (1989), `Good Regulatory Regimes'Part IV: Effects of Economic Regulation in Practice18. Sam Peltzman (1993), `George Stigler's Contribution to the Economic Analysis of Regulation'19. Paul L. Joskow (1989), `Regulatory Failure, Regulatory Reform, and Structural Change in the Electrical Power Industry'20. Nancy L. Rose (1987), `Labor Rent Sharing and Regulation: Evidence from the Trucking Industry'21. Nancy L. Rose (1985), `The Incidence of Regulatory Rents in the Motor Carrier Industry'22. Donald J. Kridel, David E.M. Sappington and Dennis L. Weisman (1996), `The Effects of Incentive Regulation in the Telecommunications Industry: A Survey'Part V: Network Access Pricing for Competitive Entrants23. Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole (1996), `Creating Competition Through Interconnection: Theory and Practice'24. Mark Armstrong, Chris Doyle and John Vickers (1996), `The Access Pricing Problem: A Synthesis'25. John Vickers (1997), `Regulation, Competition, and the Structure of Prices'Name Index